About Me
I am a mixed media painter currently living in Hermosa Beach California.

My paintings are a combinations of post-impressionist oil painting style and street art influences. From a young age, hip-hop culture (dj'ing, mc'ing, break dancing, and graffiti writing) inspired me. The passion, color, line usage, design elements, and improvisational style moved me to begin creating art.

I also have a great love for "classic" oil paintings. I spent my college years diligently studying the old masters, and my undergraduate practice focusing solely on oil-on-canvas paintings. The artists that most inspired me during this time were Edgar Degas, Albrecht Durer, Paul Cezanne, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Edward Hopper, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, and Jackson Pollock to name a few.

My goal in recent works has been to incorporate my love of hip-hop elements into more "classic" compositions and themes within oil and mixed media paintings. This evolution in my work has developed over the last decade, but has really taken shape in the past few years. My work is not an attempt to make a modern spin-off of graffiti or create classically-composed oil paintings. My hope instead is to use my  "voice" when creating which is a combination of my influences. When most effective in the work it fluently combines styles, techniques, purpose, themes, and presentation of these two artistic worlds that mean so much to me
All of the original painting on the site are for sale and there are select prints available. Please feel free to contact me on prices for originals and prints or to inquire about private commissions.
Most of the paintings are oil on canvas or mixed media(oil, acrylic, spraypaint, graphite) on canvas. ranging from 8''x12'' to 48''x 60''.  
I have a passion for painting and for the process of creating art. It is my hope to create works of art that are easy to understand and enjoy but also have layers of meaning. 
Please look around the site and if you have any question about the work please feel free to click on the contact tab and send me a message.    Below is a link to a video I posted to youtube of one of the early paintings in my current series.